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Why is a root canal necessary?

A root canal is a crucial procedure that your Bellevue dentist needs to perform to save an infected tooth from extraction. A tooth can become infected because of a crack or dental trauma that allows bacteria to enter the innermost chamber of your tooth.

When the infection reaches this area, patients typically experience intense tooth pain. Performing a root canal removes the infection, which also eliminates your pain.

At Kemahli Dental, we know that root canals don’t have a great reputation, but it is a very straightforward procedure. Simply put, root canals don’t cause pain—they relieve it. It is the infection in your tooth that causes pain, and not the procedure itself.

Dr. Kemahli is a skilled general dentist who has a gentle, caring approach that our patients love. It’s especially helpful to know someone is on your side when you feel apprehensive about getting a root canal. Our dental team will do everything possible to put you at ease and make sure your procedure is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you have a toothache and think you might need a root canal, don’t wait to call us. The infection won’t go away on its own, and if you wait too long, we may not be able to save the tooth. We can assure you that your safety and comfort is our number one priority.

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